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Painted FaceDoodleZenDotZ Workshops
These classes are TOO MUCH FUN! Doodle some designs for bobbin embroidery and add color and texture with lots of DOTS of paint... It is soooo relaxing AND beautiful.
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Painted FacePainted Face for BEGINNERS Workshop
Yes you can!!! A guideline drawing under your fabric makes positioning features easy. By the end of the class you will have a painted face ready for the addition of hair and clothing. Once you learn this technique you will be able to paint your own choice of faces - family & friends. . See Student Work
(5 Hours)

“I need a ruler to draw a straight line, so I was amazed with the results of this workshop. Bonnie is a patient and expert instructor. I was having so much fun working on the first face that I did not remember that I wanted to put borders on it. I'll never doubt Bonnie again. She said I could and I did.“ -Barbara Anderson